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Pittsburgh is the future
of life sciences innovation.

Pittsburgh Life Sciences Alliance (PLSA) is connecting the region’s unique clinical, research, manufacturing, and technology strengths to enable the region as a global life sciences leader and economic engine.

PLSA launched April 3, 2024 with this Open Letter from our Board:

The greater Pittsburgh region’s proud history of entrepreneurship and ingenuity played a key role in shaping not just the foundation of the American economy, but many of its greatest healthcare innovations. From development of the polio vaccine to the first liver transplant to the first re-dosable gene therapy, the Pittsburgh region continually innovates to move healthcare forward.


Today, Pittsburgh is pushing the boundaries of human health innovation by bridging healthcare with new technologies. Poised at the intersection of artificial intelligence, health science, digital health, biomanufacturing, and healthcare delivery, Pittsburgh is leading the world with unparalleled clinical and technical talent.


We believe greater Pittsburgh’s life sciences ecosystem can be a global innovation leader and economic engine that produces both life-changing advancements and a generational opportunity to expand our region’s economy.


However, this transformation will not happen without regional leadership and support. It is in that spirit, and unified by our unwavering commitment to the current and future vibrancy of the region, that our six organizations collaborated to found the Pittsburgh Life Sciences Alliance (PLSA). This organization will serve as an independent champion for the entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, and companies spearheading the new age of life sciences.


PLSA’s charter is to “serve as a strategic advocate in developing the greater Pittsburgh region into a global life sciences leader and economic engine at the intersection of the region’s unique clinical, research, manufacturing, and technology strengths.”


We are committed to supporting this vision, collaborating to further develop the region’s incredible assets and capabilities, in the pursuit of creating jobs and attracting new capital. Our institutions have each made significant financial commitments to build the physical, human capital, and financial infrastructure needed to support this growth. Collectively, we share the goal of ensuring broad-based opportunity to participate in health innovations that will provide new treatments addressing the world’s most pressing healthcare challenges while helping to reduce health disparities across the Commonwealth and beyond.


We love this region. Its people and history are woven in the DNA of each of our organizations. PLSA is a commitment to the region’s future – where life sciences innovations created here improve opportunity locally and change lives globally, for generations to come.


Now, let’s get to work.

Most Sincerely - 

Alison Beam, JD

Senior Vice President, Chief Government Affairs Officer, UPMC


D. Tyler Gourley

Executive Vice President, Henry L. Hillman Foundation


Daniel Onorato, JD, CPA

Executive Vice President, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Highmark Health


Evan Facher, PhD, MBA

Vice Chancellor, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Pittsburgh


Sam Reiman

Director & Trustee, Richard King Mellon Foundation


Tim McNulty

Associate Vice-President of Government Relations, Carnegie Mellon University


Megan Shaw

President & CEO, Pittsburgh Life Sciences Alliance

Why Greater Pittsburgh?

Life sciences are intersecting with the digital revolution, advanced manufacturing, and AI. And it is happening here.

World-class translational research

AI talent

Renowned integrated health systems

Robotics and manufacturing hub

Globally recognized life sciences cluster



in computer science and AI Carnegie Mellon University



in NIH Funding, total R&D  expenditures $1.1B+ per year University of Pittsburgh


health delivery and finance systems with a combined 54 hospitals and 11 million insured lives

Highmark Health, UPMC



Increase in regional patents
since 2013



medical device manufacturers, Including:

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Philips Respironics




Smith and Nephew

Zoll Medical

Bridge to the Future brochure

The Pittsburgh Life Sciences Alliance is the champion for the region’s life science ecosystem.

Bridge to the Future: Southwest Pennsylvania’s Transformative Opportunity to Lead the Next Generation of Life Sciences Innovation

Supporting the Doers

Science is the search for answers. Good answers depend on asking the right questions. We held conversations with nearly 100 stakeholders from across the ecosystem

Our focus comes from their answers—what they said we could do to support the entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, and companies pushing the leading edge of life sciences. 

  • Convene across industry, academic, and community organizations to facilitate collaboration and catalyze growth.

  • Facilitate development of a strategic vision and roadmap to make Southwest PA a global destination for capital and company creation.

  • Advocate by telling our region’s story to industry influencers and capital allocators, and helping to build champions for the infrastructure and investments we need to prevail as a global leader.

Getting Started

Six organizations representing the leading voices in academia,
healthcare delivery, and community development in the region founded PLSA, intent on establishing Greater Pittsburgh as a global life sciences hub.

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